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I’m close to 60 years old and broke my shoulder ten years ago. The specialist tells me that two of the tendons in my shoulder are two thirds torn. An orthopaedic surgeon has looked at my shoulder and is debating whether I should have surgery to help fix the problem. About a month ago I first heard about AstaSupreme Advanced Joint Formula when I was delivering gas to their factory here in Nelson. The lady in the factory was very helpful and suggested I try a bottle to see if it made a difference to my shoulder. I am a total sceptic when it comes to anything like this, but I thought I would give it a go to see if it would help. For two weeks I took AstaSupreme Advanced Joint Formula but wasn't aware of anything happening. Then I started to notice a slight reduction of discomfort in my shoulder. A couple more weeks and the change in symptoms was dramatic. My shoulder feels 50% better and I suspect this is from the benefits of AstaSupreme Advanced Joint Formula. I am waking up far less frequently in the night. My shoulder is not cured however I have a huge improvement in my quality of life and I'm very grateful for this product. If you have joint discomfort of any sort then AstaSupreme Advanced Joint Formula is well worth testing. Just make sure you use it for at least a month to see if it will work for you as well. *

Paul Sainty

About three years ago my powerlifting training and performance was being curtailed by chronic left shoulder stiffness and discomfort. A friend suggested trying a supplement containing astaxanthin to relieve the joint discomfort and stiffness. My research on the nature and benefit of astaxanthin encouraged me to give it a try.

The relief was apparent after a few days of taking astaxanthin and joint health and recovery from strenuous exercise as been great as I have continued to take the supplement and carry on with my competitive powerlifting.

In 2009 I claimed the New Zealand Bench Press record for Masters 3 lifters (60 – 70 years) with a 121kg lift. In 2011 I followed this up in the Masters 4 class (70 – 80 years) with a New Zealand record lift of 122.5kg. I also gained a gold medal and Commonwealth Bench Press record at the Commonwealth Championships in Bournemouth, England.

I am certain the astaxanthin supplement is very beneficial for overall health and in particular for anyone striving to achieve a high level of physical strength and capability. I use the astaxanthin-containing AstaSupreme, manufactured in Nelson by Supreme Biotechnologies NZ Ltd and absolutely recommend this product.


Ron Prestage

I’ve been taking vitamins for several years now. Late last year I started taking AstraSupreme…I didn’t notice the difference until I stopped over Christmas and my old physical complaints quickly returned and I had less energy. I immediately resumed taking AstaSupreme and it’s now part of my supplementary regime and am telling everyone about it. *


I was introduced to Supremebiotech about 3 weeks after I had a Total Knee Replacement Operation. My knee recovered in record time and is back to full flexibility. I have been taking Supremebiotechnic now for 7 months and I am sure my general good health over that time is due to this product. *


I thought you'd be interested to know that I was sitting with three long standing customers of your company and we were discussing the personal health benefits of AstaSupreme. Between us I guess we've clocked up about ten years of taking the product and none of us has had a day's illness since. Personally I have not had even a single cold since I started. Its quite remarkable *

Ralph, London.UK

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