Amazing Stories & Customer Testimonials*

My son recommended that I try Astaxanthin almost 2 years ago. We both have skin problems - and as I can now see a definite improvement in my skin I intend to carry on using the product. April 2015 *

Vicki Clark

I have routinely separately prescribed all the ingredients in Advanced Cardiac Support and to now have them combined is an obvious advantage. *

Dr Mike Godfrey

As a pro footballer performance is everything & AstaSupreme helps me be the best I can be.  Energy, endurance and faster recovery. I know AstaSupreme supports my goals. *

Jeremy Brockie

I recently ordered your Astaxanthin capsules, after reading about them online.

I am a 69 year old woman with a history of fatigue and what I not so fondly call “brain fog”. I was also concerned about my forgetfulness, which I attributed to aging.

Within days of starting the capsules, I felt a rise in my energy levels and was able to accomplish more in a day than I had previously done in a week. I also noticed that I no longer seemed to be as forgetful. A week after beginning the capsules, I participated in the 10km walk “Around the Vines”.I was delighted to complete the walk and I am sure that I could not have managed it without the Astaxanthin .

Needless to say, I am very ex cited to have found this product and have already recommended it to friends and family.



Have been taking AstaSupreme for the last 2 months after seeing it on a Country Calender programme. On New Years day I slipped on the top of our wet tiled stairs and fell headlong down them landing heavily on my knees then hands. What should have been a slow recovery from a badly bruised and twisted knee ended up being back to normal after 3 days. Family who saw my fall can't believe I got off so lightly with no other damage, my only explanation is the astaxanthin. *


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