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After just over thirty days of taking AstaSupreme my eyes not only feel sharper but they are much clearer and the whites are less red and tired looking. I am thrilled with the results. *

Chris Hodgson

I have been taking Astaxanthin and Astaxanthin eye for over a year now and find that I am not reaching for my glasses as much. Over the last few months watching TV without my glasses has become a possibility. My last eye test showed that I no longer need glasses for driving. Thanks AstaSupeme *

Wilfred Bonner Pentreath Martin

Asta Supreme is the most palatable and beneficial supplement I have ever tried- with excellent and noticeable response in my joint pain in my feet and dry eyes- double bonus!! and so easily purchased online and promptly delivered from an NZ company with significant research and biological care. Thank you Asta! *

Kim Lynch

In 2013 I found myself with the time and head space required to get serious about my health for the first time. I made an Excel chart showing the results of many past comprehensive blood tests taken before and after heart surgery. About the same time I discovered Astaxanthin and AstaSupreme. My most recent blood tests show a marked improvement compared to previous tests. All targets measured are now spot on!! Having clear evidence and proof of benefits is a useful tool when planning health management with my Doctor. John Baker *

John Baker

I have a joint condition and have been trying a more holistic and natural approach to reverse the condition. While detoxing and eating clean was helping, I noticed my soft body tissues were becoming more and more painful as time went on with my restricted diet. It wasn't until I randomly took one of my asta supreme capsules that i realised I was missing essential oils in my diet. The next day my tissue pain was dramatically reduced, I take it every day. I recently ran out and went without for a week or two, the pains reverted back after a week, even though I as taking another good quality fish oil. The extra antioxidants and curcumin really do make a difference, it even helped my old dog. I recommend it to everyone - really helps. *

Liz Marks

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